HAVENS is first to be reckon with as an excellent catering service provider. We prepare and deliver local delicacies, continental dishes and small chops for your events and occasions. Our years of experience in the art of food preparation is a testimony to our passion to delight you with our cuisines. We offer professional, world-class services that leave a lasting impression on our clients. We look forward to making your next occasion a memorable one. Contact us today. 


HAVENS is known for the finest pastries found anywhere. Fresh ingredients, combined with professional experience to create unforgettable pastries for every celebration…baked fresh just for you. From our decadent Havens roll, to our chicken pie,meat pie, sausage roll, cinnamon roll, fiesta, jam doughnut, beef burger, scotch egg etc., are all just a slice of what is available at Havens. Make bookings today and enjoy the difference. 

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