Iyabo Ojo Gets Surprise Money Cake From a Fan

Iyabo Ojo, one of Nollywood star actress was surprised as she received a cake decorated with real money accompanied by a surprise letter from a fan. More surprising is the fact that it isn’t her birthday.

She posted a video on her page as she posed with her cake while people took pictures. This was her words

So I was sitting down jejely enjoying my Karaoke night @fespris_lounge_bar when I got a surprise letter and money cake from an amazing fan. I’m speechless bcos its not my birthday and I heard it’s from a Lady, I’m super grateful & humbled, bless you so so much my invisible fan ❤❤❤……… I’m so speechless, this really got me.” 

The letter from the anonymous fan reads as follows: 

Dear Iyabo Ojo…… This is a letter from a fan to tell you how special you are …..I see the amazing jobs you do and it just tells me that you are an amazing person with a heart of Gold, if I had a Billion Dollars it would not be enough to let you know how beautiful you are ……I hope you love your gift …. P.S it’s real money.”


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