Wedding Cake Goes Viral Because Of a Typo

You may have seen pictures of wedding cakes which went viral because of how incredibly beautiful they look. On the flip side, you may have also seen images of cakes which grabbed limelight for not being up to the mark or in other words having not-so-nice designs. Well there is a latest addition to the list of viral cakes. However, it’s piquing people’s attention for a very unusual reason – a typo. Yes, it’s a misspelled message which has now turned it into a source of laughter for many.

Shared on Reddit, the image shows some words written on it. It’s supposed to say ‘Wiser wedding’. But, the writing on top of the cake says, “Why’s there a wedding?” Expectedly, since being shared, people couldn’t keep calm and their replies show this.

“I don’t know, with the current state of things, I feel this is a legitimate question – maybe the store staff did too,” joked a Reddit user. “Honestly, I think I’d find this just hilarious and get tonnes of photos with it and show it off to everyone!” shared another.

How would you react to a cake-astrophe like this?

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